Speedfarm Route Tokyo (Inner Kaidan)

      Speedfarm Route Tokyo (Inner Kaidan)

      Hallo zusammen wie angekündigt möchte ich hier mit euch meine Speedfarm-Route in Tokyo teilen. Für die Leute die nicht nur immer Scorched Dessert oder Transilvanien laufen wollen. (Meiner Meinung nach kann diese Route mit denen für Agypten und Transilvanien mithalten)
      Da ich das Spiel auf Englisch spiele sind alle Questnamen und auch die Routenbeschreibung jetzt erstmal auf Englisch. Gerne kann sich jemand die Zeit zum übersetzen nehmen.

      Hier noch ein paar kleine Randinformationen (Item level 300, Sprint 6):
      Time investment 1:10 h
      Shards : ~ 34 000
      AP : ~ 28
      SP : ~60
      Glyphen : 31
      Talismane : 62
      Waffen : 31

      Und jetzt zur Route:
      1. Take mission Back to the Beginning in Agartha (run back the Tokyo branch to start with port from Agartha)
      2. Take Side Mission Pieces of Sarah
      3. Complete Both
      4. Take mission Texts from the phone
      5. Get Text 1 and 4 from Texts and complete Bonus Mission Heart of Darkness (Kill Filth)
      6. Port to Susanoo’s Diner and accept Killers on the Road and Love and Origami
      7. Get the first Origami and the Origami Book in Susanoo’s Diner
      8. Trigger the Oni from Killers on the Road. While following the Oni get texts number 2 and 3 (which completes the mission Texts)
      9. Complete Killers on The Road and take the mission Lost Sword in the last Hell Dimension.
      10. Get the second Origami of Love and Origami ( At the pier)
      11. Port to Susanoo’s and Complete Mission Lost Sword
      12. Take the missions The Right of Way and Hells Arsenal
      13. Forward both with the objects found in Susanoo’s Diner
      14. Port to the Bathhouse and take the side missions The Ghost Lord and Chasing Bad Luck
      15. Go to The Oni Camps and complete Chasing Bad Luck and Hells Arsenal while forwarding The Right of Way
      16. Follow The Right of Way outside and complete the Bonus Mission Shores of Hell (Kill Oni)
      17. Complete The Right of Way and Pickup + Complete Hell of a Blow
      18. Port to Ginpachi Park and take next Origami from Love and Origami
      19. Take and complete the Missions Furious Road and The Chrome Steed. While on the Missions complete The Ghost Lord and Bonus Mission Ghostbusters (Kill Onyro)
      20. Pickup Through the Wake Darkly
      21. During the first part of Through the Wake Darkly complete Bonus Mission Slimy Shallows (Kill Deep Ones)
      22. During the second part of Through the Wake Darkly pick up the next Origami in the Pachinko store
      23. Pickup Mask of the Oni
      24. Complete Through the Wake Darkly
      25. Port to Bathhouse and Complete Mask of the Oni as well as Love and Origami
      26. Take Samurai Robots can Happen to Anyone and Fierce Competition
      27. Follow Fierce Competition (port to Susanoo’s for Tier 2 ) [Laptop pw: Spark the Light]
      28. During Tier three complete Bonus Mission Acess Denied (Kill Orochi Effigies)
      29. Complete Samurai Robots can Happen to Anyone
      30. During tier 4 complete Bonus Mission Taking the Low Route (Kill Corrupted Orochi Effigies)
      31. Take Noodles & Swords take and complete The Corpse and the Key
      32. Complete Firece Competition (pw: Angel Hair) as well as the Bonus Mission Plaza Problems (Kill Filth)
      33. Take and Complete Spiral and Population of the Filth
      34. Take The All-Seeing Kawaii and All Alone Together
      35. Complete Tier one of The All-Seeing Kawaii first
      36. Complete Tier 1 and 2 of All Alone Together during Tier 2 of The All-Seeing Kawaii
      37. Then complete Tier 3 and 4 Alone Together by porting (Ginpachi Park and then Bathhouse)
      38. Port to Dream Palace and complete The All-Seeing Kawaii as well as the Bonus Mission Panic at the Mall (Kill Filth again)
      39. Port to Susanoo’s and Complete All Alone Together as well as Noodles & Swords
      Mögliche Modifikationen:
      • Man kann Schritt 1-3 weglassen und spart sich ca 5-6 Minuten mit Verlust von 2 Quests.
      • Beendet man den Run nach Schritt 33 (Nicht vergessen Swords & Noodles abzugeben) dauert er bei mir relativ genau eine Stunde.

      Anbei die Karte zur Hilfe mit der Route:

      Hier mal ein möglicher Ablauf für die Nebenmissionen, aufgeteilt in nördlich und südlich der Mauer..

      North of the Wall Kaidan secondary missions path
      MAP - >>> i.imgur.com/pqAJhGD.jpg (open in new tab for full sized map)
      1) Texts (Discarded cell phone) - route leads to each of cell phones location
      2) Infected Bounty
      3) Hell’s Arsenal (Hell device)
      4) Chasing Bad Luck (Job posting) pick only it
      5) Oni Bounty
      6) Mask of Oni (Oni corpse)
      7) Ghost Lord (Job posting)
      8) Samurai Robot Can Happen to Anyone (Job posting)
      9) Feed the Tank (Low energy tank battery) - quest that dictates our route for quite a while, X marks the tanks
      10) Robot bounty (kill the target of Samaurai robot as well)
      11) Corrupted robots bounty
      12) Filth Infected bounty
      13) Death and Noodles (Crumpled instructions) - go past the wall to CDC camp)\
      14) CDC bounty
      15) Deep Ones Bounty
      16) Onryo Bounty (kill target of Ghost Lord mission)
      17) The Corpse and the Key (Room key) climb on the rooftop to get it
      18) Noodles and Swords (Fallen Jingu clan)
      Finish line: Go back to Kurt and to Susanoo diner to turn in 3 side missions.

      Beyond the Wall Side Missions route
      MAP -->>> i.imgur.com/Ifya3jN.jpg (open in new tab for full sized map)
      1)Tenebrous Sky (Tagging rifle) - areas optimal for Flappy tagging are marked with black on the map, you can do this mission in couple of minutes from the start, or you can slowly do it while doing missions in Orochi Projects - secondary missions slots allows that.
      2) Hardware Test (Disabled Orochi Cyborg)
      3) Judas Mech (Damaged cyborg arm)
      4) Waste Not (Images) - long side mission that will be with you for almost all Southern Kaidan, light-blue X- marks the supply crates)
      5) Filth-Infected Bounty
      6) Middle Management (Damaged Orochi drone) red X marks wanted Orochi personnel in their natural state - Dead
      7) Filth Infected Orochi Personnel Bounty
      8) Message to Hell (Oni corpse)
      9) Onryo Bounty
      10) Pirating the Signal (Scanner) blue X marks the antennas
      11) Ravenous (Gnawed cadaver) - violet X marks the target
      12) Short Circuit (Suspicious cyborg) climb on the crane to get it
      13) The Fruiting Bodies
      14) Fungi Gorillas Bounty
      15) O captain! (Sea captain's hat)

      Finish! At this point with North Kaidan mission you will have 21 Key.

      Quelle: reddit.com/r/SecretWorldLegend…_side_missions_route_map/
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